Jan Pulsford – The Story of Marie

Video Archive 66 –

I am very lucky to live in such an inspiring place. This is the intro to a short music and film I compiled for the Maritime Festival in 2014 telling the story of the Scottish trawler Marie with the Celtic Fusion Band Aartwork. It was also shown at the Petta Fiesta Film Festival in 2015. You can get the DVD from

Jan Pulsford – August 06 – The Bell in the Park

Video Archive 59 – The Bell in the Park

Today, August 6th, we remember Hiroshima – I was fortunate to have visited Japan many times when playing keyboards on various tours. The city of Hiroshima became a favourite of mine with all paths leading to the Peace Park. I made a digital audio recording of a walk i made through the Park. You can hear footsteps, crows and the sound of the creaking of the bell as i pulled the wooden post back to ring the bell of peace. Years later I was going through some old DATs and found that afternoon captured in time. When I started performing live shows on line I improvised music over those moments and released it as ‘ The Bell in the Park’
This is a video by Deceptions Digital inspired by the music

Jan Pulsford – Across the Seas

Video Archive 39 – Across the Seas

This time last year I played a set at the Petta Fiesta to end the day of musical merriment. Carl Bennett performed some poetry and beautiful videos from David Turner’s Mandala Meditations series were projected
This year ’The Story of Marie’ – a short film I made with Aartwork for the Woodbridge Maritime will be shown. The British festival season is in full swing – See you there campers!

Jan Pulsford – Ripples of Indigo

Video Archive 33 – Ripples of Indigo
Another video from the Mandala Meditations Folio featuring mandalas by Digital Dave – David Turner with music by JaN PuLSFoRD.

Created for relaxation, meditation and other journeys to dream states. Shown in Planetariums, Galleries and Festivals in the USA and UK.The colorful creations of Nashville 3D artist Digital Dave specialises in 3D mandalas, animation, and lenticular design, Dave’s work includes digital giclee and lenticular fine art prints that have graced Nashville galleries, restaurants and recording studios since the early 90s.