Jan Pulsford – Sisters of Avalon

Video Archive 71 – Congratulations to Cyndi Lauper and her musical Kinky Boots which opens this week in London! Here’s the official video to the song ‘Sisters of Avalon’ – recognised in Cyndi’s recent induction into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame as ‘one of Lauper’s key songs in her catalog.’The chant of empowerment mixes a story of FGM and how all women feel the pain of another sister. I couldn’t make the video shoot so Cyndi made a visual statement about empowering people with disabilities by placing the keyboard player in a wheelchair.

Jan Pulsford – Come on Home Remix

Video Archive 61 -The daily video archive returns with Junior Vasquez in the studio with Cyndi Lauper working on the remix of ‘Come on Home’ and Cyndi showing off her amazing voice and why she became such a superstar. There is a little bit of Sir Jam’s rap which I recorded in my studio but it never made it to the final cut … does anyone have a version of that Demetrius SirJam Ross? Happy days in New York City in the nineties.