Jan Pulsford – Revolution (John Lennon)

Video Archive 58 – Revolution – recorded at Madison Square Gardens with the Thompson Twins. Oh what glorious days sharing Keyboard duties with TinTwin the robot. There are a few frames in the second verse of a young black haired twinette playing piano and loving every minute! Look out for Felicia M Collins too ..

Jan Pulsford – Waltz of the Waters

Video Archive 29 – Waltz of the Waters
Woke up to find a picture of the late David Schnaufer staring at me from Facebook so of course this morning has been memories of dulcimer, David and revisiting roots music of Tennessee.

Found this lovely performance of ‘Waltz of the Waters’ from Dulcimer Day 2009 performed by Zada Law and Kort Nygard Co-written by legendary Townes Van Zandt and David Schnaufer who asked me to write the bridge and so I was very happy to complete this beautiful song which we recorded on the Delcimore album